Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • 70 minute treatment New or Current Clients $115
    New or Current clients. Check this service each week if the schedule is full to see if additional times have been added. This treatment is 70 minutes. Online prepayment is required.
  • One Hour Treatment/current clients $115
    One hour treatment current clients/75 minutes time in the office/Advanced myofascial techniques and neuromuscular therapy. Check below for 90 minute sessions or shorter sessions under "Clinic Sessions".
  • One Hour treatment/New Client $120
    60 minute treatment/allow for 90 minutes in office/neuromuscular therapy, or myofascial release 
  • Acute Neuromuscular Therapy during non work hours $150
    Current clients and new clients with acute muscular or myofascial pain can text or call directly to schedule treatment with less than 24 hours notice. Appointments that are not available on the online schedule and fall outside the standard work hours may be available  (early morning before work, after 6:30 pm, Friday evenings, Saturdays outside scheduled hours and all day Sunday). New clients are required to prepay for this service online.  Current clients can pay at the time of service. Treatments are 60-75 minutes in length depending on need.  Cost is $150 regardless of treatment time. This service is appropriate for soft tissue pain that does not require medical treatment.  
  • Clinic Sessions $78
    Clinic appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes. Treatment is 40 minutes. These sessions are intended for current clients and are best suited to treat one or two specific complaints or areas. New clients can text or call the office to see if this appointment is appropriate for your needs.  Sessions are $78 and prepay only online.  
  • 90 minute treatment/current clients $135
    neuromuscular therapy, or myofascial release 
  • 90 minute treatment/New client $140
    neuromuscular therapy, or myofascial release